I center on the absence of the female body in colonized history.  Influenced by my upbringing in Ecuador, my work questions how mestizaje, or racial miscegenation, has been historicized to omit the sexual violence of the Spanish Conquest. Deploying the photographic trace and forms of imprint, I materialize this corporeal absence. Historic silences begin to take shape.

I distrust images. I strategize on images as being partial and incomplete and expose them as unobjective sources. By allowing distance between what is photographed from its imprint, the expectation of finding a correlation between the world and the photograph is broken. This becomes a generative gap, multi-layered process emerges as my installations. Meaning extends across references, raw materials and crafted objects. Each component infuses into each other, creating concept relationally and recursively. I fuse a range of techniques and materials in collage, mold-making and frottage. Visual rhizomes emerge. A physical and affective relationship with my materials allow for visceral decisions. Coffee, hair, bedsheets and become material metaphors. My process oscillates between the finding gestural, sensuous, poetic, lo-fi solutions and creating analytic, polished, cerebral structures.

* Astro (María Escudero, b. 1988) is an Ecuadorian artist experimenting with photography. They are currently studying an MFA Studio, Photography at SAIC.